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I don't see a program for drawing my rod on the site, what can I do?

I have decided not to incorporate a budget calculator as every fisherman has their own needs and demands. Each fisherman is as unique as his rods will be. The possible variations are too many to take them all into consideration. The best way to design your rods or to refurbish the ones you already own, is to contact me directly via social media or by phone. It will be a pleasure to be able to listen to you and create what you have in mind, absolutely without obligation. Speaking directly by voice you could radically change your mind from the initial project you have planned, creating YOUR unique rod.

How can I contact you?

All my contacts are present on this and on the Facebook page. You can contact me via Messenger, Whatsapp, e-mail and telephone contact.

Are the contacts binding and binding?

Absolutely no. The contact and the subsequent evaluation of any work is not binding and does not involve any expense.

I don't see a price list, why?

I have decided not to include a material price list as my intent is not to sell through this site, but to use the same to emphasize the type of service I provide. The materials and the resulting combinations are too many to be able to include them all in a complete list. The best option is always that of direct contact to evaluate the project that best suits your needs and consequently provide you with a detailed quote.

What kind of customizations can be made?

The customizations can be truly endless. I will be happy to give shape to your creations. The only limit you will have is your idea of an ideal rod. Contact me and we will see together to define your project.

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