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Landing net

Made with  the idea of maximum robustness, versatility and rigidity of the whole. This is a product completely conceived and designed without using anything that was already ready, to meet my expectations exactly and to have complete control over all production processes.

Available in three versions, with fixed 180cm handle, 180cm handle plus 1m extension or the compact version, with 180cm handle divided into two sections.

All pieces are available individually or as a complete kit. 

Any component is replaceable in case of damage.

- Complete 180cm landing net + extension, net and waterproof bag. €330

- Complete landing net with 180 cm handle, net and  waterproof bag. €270

- Complete 180 cm compact version landing net, net and waterproof bag. €300

- 180 cm handle only + extension €170

- Compact handle only €150



Carbon boilie spear, straight. Great casting precision and little tiring on the shoulder joint even in the case of prolonged baiting. Perfect  for use up to 90-100 meters of range. Length 1 m. 64 grams in the thinnest version. Two versions available, one for 16-18-20 mm baits, the other for 20-22-24 mm diameters. Extremely smooth inside of the tube to facilitate the sliding of the bait and maximize the exit speed. Reinforced at the ends. Supplied with nylon stocking case.

- Cost 70 euros.


Cable ties

Clamps to join the various sections of the barrel during transport. Essential design and tested by approximately thirty years of use. The presence of male and female Velcro along the entire length of the strap allows it to be locked in any position and length. Size designed to be inserted between the two sections of the barrel so as not to touch each other and suffer damage during transport. Possibility of joining multiple bands together to create a single large one in case you want to join all the rods together for minimal transport without protective sheaths. Pack of three cable ties.

- Cost 10 euros per pack.

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