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You design your rod and I made it.

Fisherman from an early age with various fishing techniques (carp fishing with traditional techniques, spinning and fly), I then focused on carp fishing. Towards the end of the 90s I started a collaboration with the Rod Hutchinson brand that lasted several years. At that time I got to know and work alongside Alastair Bond, the fitter of Hutchinson rods, he was the one who introduced me to the world of fishing rod construction. With his support I started my experience as a builder. Initially in an amateur way and then specializing more and more, to the point of opening the Cevenini Custom Rods. This brought me into contact with many fishing and fishermen realities, each in their own unique way and with their own needs. The rods I create, like the reconstructions I work, are customized on the specific requests and needs of each customer. Precisely for this reason it is very difficult to be able to make standard prices and projects that adapt to all situations. I still believe that direct voice contact is the best solution to listen to your needs, advise you based on my knowledge, and together create the tool of your desires. Take this site and my social media pages as a starting point for building YOUR rods. Nothing is prepackaged, everything is possible.

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